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NEW Gallery … Another exterior paint job in progress.




Gallery One … We do more than residential  interior painting, we also provide painting services to commercial customers – Spencer Makenzie’s Fish Company, Camarillo




Gallery Two … This gallery shows a variety of residential and commercial interior painting and finishes on walls, molding, cabinets, stairs and ceilings.




Gallery Three … This gallery shows obviously worn cabinets/drawers, slides 1 through 8, which are in need of re-finishing. We were tasked to do it and the end result is a completely re-finished set of cabinets/drawers, slides 9 and 10. The last slide is the happy crew celebrating another successful re-finish for another happy customer. If your cabinets need re-finishing, give us a call (805) 746-0260, YOU’LL BE HAPPY YOU DID.




Gallery Four … An exterior re-paint makes older and faded looking houses look like they’re brand new. 



Gallery Five … An interior flooring re-finish that makes the home shine. 



Gallery Six … Just another bleach job in progress!!!